The View From The Driver’s Seat

This hand me down infant car seat makes me smile everytime I see it. In about four weeks or less, I get to put a baby in it to take home. 🙂

The World Outside My Bedroom Window

My feet are tired. I’m exhausted from today’s work. Though grateful that I could still function at work, I look forward to my Friday afternoons. The loud, busy outside world may go about its business, while I lay here in the quiet peace, enjoying the kicks and squirms and turns in my tummy courtesy of my active and happy baby. I love this moment.

114 Days Overdue.

It was a warm Saturday afternoon way back in May (the 22nd to be exact).  I was in New Jersey and was on the hunt for two things:

1. Old Navy Sandals

2. TJ Maxx sale racks

I pulled into the mall parking lot, entered into the air conditioned building, meandered casually past a few new (and overpriced) stores, and eventually made it to Old Navy.  It was crowded as people were desperate to shake away their winter blues with brandy-dandy new spring and summer gear.  I couldn’t blame them as I was on the very same mission.  After a long and frigid Speculator winter, I was craving just a tiny taste of what the next few months would bring.  Including,but not limited to, my new summer wardrobe…which of course begins with $2.00 sandals.

However, my daydreams of that “flip” and that “flop” and of showing off my new pedicure and of wiggling my toes freely in the warmth of the sun….vanquished in the 3 seconds it took me to process this:

Alas, though my day was not unfolding as I had foreseen…this would not ruin my positive spirits nor my quest for the rest of my summer necessities: beautiful and bright dresses and skirts, tanks and blouses to match, swimwear and fantastic hats and accessories.  What better a place to go than TJ Maxx?  Okay, well…there’s Loehmann’s and Forever 21 – but those stores were not on the way home from the mall.  Therefore, they temporarily did not exist.  Sadly, neither did TJ Maxx:

They were conveniently remodeling…IN MAY!  Who makes their business decisions?  Crazy, crazy kids.  Now, as tragic as this tale may seem.  Since I am living 114 days in the future, I can tell you that I did acquire several pairs of Old Navy sandals a week or two later.  I also managed to pay several visits to Forever 21 and a few thrift stores.  Although, the “Cassi” look never did quite manifest itself this season.  There were simply not enough dresses in circuit, but I managed.  Now I can begin shopping for the fall! 🙂

Hard decisions

Which purse do I want to bring to church today?

K Love

Having lunch in my car, nice day, nice music from South Jersey Christian Radio.

Sunday Morning

Burned the only bagel we had in the fridge…

Husband came to the rescue and scraped off the burned stuff. I seriously would have not thought of that. Thank you my love. I got my bagel back! Yay!

Polka Dots


I look funny

… But absolutely happy. 12 Weeks left!

Its raining

We don’t want to get out of the car