A February Manifesto

The Photographers
We all met while working in upstate New York; while time has since separated us into three different states, the internet has kept us bound together. We’re terribly excited to introduce to you our new adventure in cyberspace. You can read more about us by clicking on those tabs at the top of the page with our names on them.

Cassandra lives in upstate New York and runs Cassandra Claire Photography.
Cecilia lives in New Jersey and runs Cecilia Grace Mizin Photography.
Christina lives in Delaware and runs Belong to the Day Photography.

And we all want to take your photo, so if you’re looking for a photog let us know!

The Project
For the month of February, we are promising to take and publish a photo a day — but not just any old photo. Daily posts will stretch our artistic ability as we use our least-favored piece of equipment: our camera phones. You will see three photos a day, posted by each of us individually, without discussing content beforehand. The goal is a social experiment: to see how the photos each day (and vicariously our lives) interact with one another. We’re pumped.

The Manifesto
We all own high-end cameras and gear, so why the camera phone? The idea came from world-renown photographer Chase Jarvis. He published a book and runs a site under the name The Best Camera. This is what the site says about the book:

At once simple and profound, the newest book by world renowned photographer, Chase Jarvis, The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You™ underscores—even legitimizes—the idea that an image can come from any camera, even a mobile phone. This is the first book of its kind. Inherently, we all know that an image isn’t measured by its resolution, dynamic range, or anything technical about cameras or photos. An image is measured by the simple—sometimes profound, other times absurd or humorous or whimsical—effect that it can have upon us. If you can see an image, it can move you.

One button. Always with you. Incredibly accessible. There’s no losing sight of the moment in front of you by way of complicated gear. Historically, writers have always had notepads and painters have always had sketchbooks. But what about the rest of the world? For the 99% of the population who aren’t classically trained artists–AND ironically those who are–Chase elegantly reminds us that in our modern culture nearly all all of have cameras embedded in our mobile phones. The only thing keeping us from shooting pictures with that camera is an unjustified bias. At the intersection of fine art and popular culture, The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You™ tosses that bias aside and inspires you to do the same.

So this, along with our busy lives, adds into why this project is what it is. We invite you to spend the month of February with us.

AND…..because we can’t contain ourselves, we’re going to get started early. Keep your eye out for those photos starting Monday the 25th.