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30 August, 2011 12:42

It’s so beautiful out! . . . considering our weekend with Irene. You wouldn’t know we just had a Hurricane.

9 April, 2011 13:40

21 March, 2011 06:49

Rain. You kinda look nice. This day will be better if I could snuggle with my sheets.

4 February, 2011 07:55

“The heavens declare the Glory of God. ” This verse from Psalm has been in my head for a good 3 weeks now. How awesome it is that we could rest in God’s truth even in the midst of this not-so-trust-worthy world.

23 January, 2011 11:46

A happy place.

26 October, 2010 16:40

I missed you too, Canon. ..

19 October, 2010 12:13

Nice, chilly, gloomy day calls for Broccolli Cheddar Soup with garlic bread. I love the Fall season.

18 October, 2010 15:14

Typos. They’re like  price tags hanging from your dress, a hole on your stockings, hair in your soup, a bad hair day on your date night . . .

11 October, 2010 14:24

I thought I’d paint my nails today. Too bad I can’t reach my toe nails.

9 October, 2010 09:14

My calendar at work. Enjoyed crossing out each passing day. Two weeks left till I’m due! But I hope Ella comes sooner than that. 🙂