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I can haz dis?

Infinity pool at the most amazing condo complex in West Palm!

You know you’re in Florida when…

A whole aisle in Target is dedicated to the Miami Dolphins.

The World in Gold

This amazing photo was taken by my stellar fella Christopher, and I think it is so great that it deserves props on The Camera Phone Diaries.  It was taken at Rutger’s University and even though I hate New Brunswick, this is beautiful!

Working Girls

My kitty feels bad that I have to work all day long, so she likes to lend a paw (or two)!

114 Days Overdue.

It was a warm Saturday afternoon way back in May (the 22nd to be exact).  I was in New Jersey and was on the hunt for two things:

1. Old Navy Sandals

2. TJ Maxx sale racks

I pulled into the mall parking lot, entered into the air conditioned building, meandered casually past a few new (and overpriced) stores, and eventually made it to Old Navy.  It was crowded as people were desperate to shake away their winter blues with brandy-dandy new spring and summer gear.  I couldn’t blame them as I was on the very same mission.  After a long and frigid Speculator winter, I was craving just a tiny taste of what the next few months would bring.  Including,but not limited to, my new summer wardrobe…which of course begins with $2.00 sandals.

However, my daydreams of that “flip” and that “flop” and of showing off my new pedicure and of wiggling my toes freely in the warmth of the sun….vanquished in the 3 seconds it took me to process this:

Alas, though my day was not unfolding as I had foreseen…this would not ruin my positive spirits nor my quest for the rest of my summer necessities: beautiful and bright dresses and skirts, tanks and blouses to match, swimwear and fantastic hats and accessories.  What better a place to go than TJ Maxx?  Okay, well…there’s Loehmann’s and Forever 21 – but those stores were not on the way home from the mall.  Therefore, they temporarily did not exist.  Sadly, neither did TJ Maxx:

They were conveniently remodeling…IN MAY!  Who makes their business decisions?  Crazy, crazy kids.  Now, as tragic as this tale may seem.  Since I am living 114 days in the future, I can tell you that I did acquire several pairs of Old Navy sandals a week or two later.  I also managed to pay several visits to Forever 21 and a few thrift stores.  Although, the “Cassi” look never did quite manifest itself this season.  There were simply not enough dresses in circuit, but I managed.  Now I can begin shopping for the fall! 🙂

April 28 2010

In the Adirondacks, April snow storms, hail, showers, and sleet bring May black flies and muddy feet.

One of these things is not like the other…